Augsburg Diamond Technology synthesizes single-crystal diamond for a wide range of mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal applications. Applying chemical vapor deposition, all crystals are grown on the specially developed multilayer substrate Ir/YSZ/Si. Hence, diamond crystals with an edge length of at least 20 mm are achievable. Depending on the specific application, individual characteristics regarding transparency or shading can be offered.

Virtues of the diamonds of AUDIATEC:

  • Excellent homogeneity (free of joints or growth sector inhomogeneities)
  • Large dimensions for new applications at affordable prices
  • Short-term availability also for large edge lengths
  • Customized crystals (minimized waste during further processing by costumer)


Diamond crystals are available in various geometric shapes:

Geometric form A

Geometric form B

a < 20 mm, b < 7 mm, c < 2 mm, further dimensions on request
2p surfaces correspond to crystallographic (110) surfaces, 4p to (100) surfaces


  • Edge lengths up to 20 mm; larger dimensions on request
  • Nitrogen Concentration: < 1 ppm standard
  • Boron Concentration: < 10 16 cm -3
  • Top surfaces: as-grown or polished (Ra < 5 nm)
  • Lateral surfaces: laser cut
  • Various geometries that can be achieved by laser cutting
  • Deviation of 4p crystal surfaces and sample surface < 2° on request
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